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Festive Table decor

By December 20, 2016December 23rd, 2016No Comments

Decorating the dining table for Christmas dinners can be especially fun. I have compiled a few pictures to give you ideas on making your dining table a Christmas masterpiece. 

Christmas is almost here! Just two days now. This season can be a roller coaster of emotions for most of us. Presents need to be bought, dinners organised, house decorated and the list just doesn't seem to end.  Decorating the house in particular can start looking like a burden when everyone has gone to bed and you find yourself sitting amidst a pile of tinsel. Say bye to Christmas blues by focusing your decoration skills on three areas of the house. The key words are the door, Christmas tree (of course!) and a focal point.

Your focal point can be anything ranging from your fireplace to dining table. I love decorating my dining table during Christmas. I always do it up with candles, mistletoe and all sorts of Christmas decorations.



















Christmas decor doesn't always have to be about bright colours. Yes it is Christmas but almost everyone is buried under shades of red, green and gold. Try something new this year by decorating your table in shades of cream with a dash of silver for that magic touch. Tables decorated in shades of cream, whites and silver can make a room look classy and elegant. 

Purple is another colour that is making a come back this season. Add a little purple to your table or drown the room with it. Purple makes a table look royal, traditional, quirky and eccentric (all at the same time!). Below are a few examples of tables with a bit of purple in them. 

When it comes to Christmas decor i think i will always be a traditionalist. I never decorate my tree or my house in any sort of themed colours. I absolutely love beautiful vibrant colours. Christmas is strictly a red, green and silver affair at my home. However i do try to curb my inclination to make my home look like a Christmas card by adding red in selective places. 

Rustic table settings could also be a good idea this Christmas! Think wooden tables, with plain white candles and green wreath running along the middle. Choose simple white plates with crystal glasses. To give it a more game of thrones feel use metal goblets instead of crystal glasses.

Simple centre pieces can work wonders for a table. Add some candles, and sparkles for a nice elegant touch. I especially like the table settings below because they are simple and can be put together with the things i have lying around my home.

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Signing off is Chelsea Raj from Life Maid Easy

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