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We understand that one of the biggest concerns around hiring a maid is you don’t know who will be entering your home.

After all, your home is your everything. It’s a place you feel safe, secure, and somewhere where you can be yourself.

98-Difference.jpgAnd that’s where your 98% difference kicks in.

Only 1 out of 27 applicants become part of our team at Life Maid Easy, 98% of those who apply are turned away. It’s probably higher than this, as we’ve got hundreds and hundreds of CV’s flooding through our inbox.

To ensure only the most reliable and trustworthy housekeepers enter your home, all our team members go through:

  • A police background check
  • Previous employment reference check
  • Credit check
  • Drug testing

We take your trust seriously, which means we don’t eat, drink or smoke in your home. Monthly mystery shopping of our entire service ensures we are consistently meeting the high standards you require, and also gives a chance to review our performance and find ways to improve.

You can expect our team to arrive in uniform, with green cleaning supplies, and a smile and work ethic that will have you happy.