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At Life Maid Easy we like to reward high performers. That’s why we’ve got a pay for performance bonus plan in place for all of our housekeepers.

Here’s how it works:

After each service (or 2nd service) we ask you to complete a quick 2 minute online review of your housekeeper’s performance. With this review you have the opportunity to comment on any area of the service you enjoyed, and also any area you didn’t like so much.

This gives us a couple of critical things we can use:

  1. Feedback we can then use to improve and customize our services even more and…
  2. Your ratings for each and every service are then used for our team’s bonuses. If they receive 10’s for their performance they get the maximum bonus. If they get 9’s then they’re one step down from the max, and finally 8’s qualify for the lowest level bonus. We don’t go below 8, because quite frankly, we’re not looking to reward mediocrity.

Our pay for performance bonus plan safeguards you from anyone turning up to your home feeling under the weather, or ‘off their game’. Instead, your Life Maid Easy housekeeper will turn up ready to perform at their best each and every time.