Do you bring your own cleaning supplies and equipment?

We bring our own equipment and green cleaning supplies to clean your home. Our equipment is regularly updated and kept in excellent condition. Also, check out our 97 point crystal clean system to see the steps we take to ensure no two cloths or brushes are used for two widely different surfaces (for example, the toilet and bathroom basins).

WAIT! If you use your own cleaning supplies and equipment, does that mean you re-use the same rags and cloths on my home that you’ve used to clean another client’s home?
NO, that would be disgusting and unhygienic.

After we’ve finished cleaning for the day we go away and prepare our cleaning kits for the next day. This includes a set of fresh, washed and colour coded rags for each individual client the next day. For instance, if we had seven clients on Monday, then we’d prepare sever separate cleaning kits the night before. This means we’re not lifting dirt and bacteria from one home and transferring it to another client