There are several aspects that must be considered to ensure that post construction cleaning services are performed according to standard; there are both residential and commercial construction applications and both have specific clean up needs. Those hiring a Construction cleaning service, must ensure they select a company with expertise, and experience in cleaning the specific area.

It is important to remember that post cleanup is more than just a function that must be performed to satisfy legal requirements, such as removing debris from a yard, but new homes and buildings must be thoroughly cleaned in order to sell or present to the new owners. New construction projects must be thoroughly cleaned in both their exteriors and interiors in order to ensure the property will sell or ready to present to the new owners. Project time frames may vary depending upon the size of the property, the amount of debris left after construction, and the amount of people working in the cleanup crew.

As some post construction clean up may involve highly hazardous materials; it is imperative that proper measures and procedures are followed. This is more common with large scale, business sites and often is not an issue with residential construction cleanup.

What does the construction clean cover?

Vacuuming, mopping, removing insects or spider webs from both the exterior and interior of the facility, make certain closets, garages, and other storage spaces are clean, dust, shine, polish appliances, hardware, and furnishings to hauling away and disposing of large, left over debris, garbage, and materials.

A commercial cleaning business is also experienced with maintaining windows and may use ladders or ascend to tall heights in order to make certain windows are clean and ready for use. It is not uncommon for a commercial building cleaning service to have experience with high-rise windows depending upon the type of structure being serviced.

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