Are you a Property Manager?

Are your tenants moving out and needing a clean?

Then read on and discover why hundreds of Aucklands Property Managers become partners with Life Maid Easy Cleaning. for one-off ‘spring cleans’ of their clients home’s and rental properties…

“I guarantee that your home will be left looking immaculate, pass the toughest bond inspection and getting your homes market ready and sold in an instant” ​​

Here are some of the clients who have recommended us to clean their clients homes.

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We partner with Aucklands top property management company to provide diamond standard cleaning catered to specific needs

If you are unsure or are considering a few cleaning companies as becoming your preferred supplier, then here’s why Life Maid Easy is the best choice for you.

  • Flexible – You can schedule your one-off clean for a time and day that suits you, we will work around you becuse we know you have specific requests (classed as level 3 in our system) as oppose to the residential clients.
  • Trustworthy cleaners – All Life Maid Easy cleaners undergo thorough reference checking, starting with a police background check, employment reference check, credit check and drug testing in addition to the Life Maid Easy training to ensure that your home and your belongings are safe and secure.
  • 97 Point Deep Cleaning System to clear away dirt, grime and build up in ‘hard to get to’ areas. You receive a completed checklist of all the areas cleaned and notes for any areas that require special attention.
  • Our HEPA Filtration Vacuum System that extracts 99% of all dust bacteria, allergens, fur and pollen and makes it easier to professionally shampoo your carpets after your one-off clean.
  • Wide Service Area – We can travel to you free of charge within the Auckland Isthmus, North Shore, East, West & South Auckland areas (view map). We can also travel to outer areas at an additional travel charge, so please ask us if you are unsure.
  • No surprises – You can rest assured that your home will be left sparkling clean, with no hassles, no missed areas or extra charges for cleaning work that you didn’t agree to.
  • You’re in control – You can specify certain areas you want us to pay special attention to. We send you a cleaning specification sheet before your clean, which we check off and provide a copy of to you after the clean is completed.

We partner with local Property managers to provide the following cleaning services:

Move In/Move Out Cleans designed for property managers

  • Rental properties that need a thorough clean so you can get your bond back or to make presentable to new tenants.

Have a house that needs a thorough cleaning prior to a client moving in? Or perhaps your clients have moved to their new location and need help with a complete Move Out cleaning? Our professional team is ready to help you bring top-notch services to your clients.

Market Ready Clean

  • Designed for homes that need to look absolutely immaculate for an important gathering or upcoming open home.

When preparing a house to be put on the market, nothing is more important than cleanliness. Let us help your Seller by quickly and completely cleaning their home to give the best first impression that means attention to detail, final touches and polishing up surfaces.

“I also needed to spend more time with my kids and do things I enjoy” – Karena Jonassen

“We decided to hire Life Maid Easy because I wasn’t coping with my housework. There just wasn’t enough time in my day to get everything done, as well as look after my kids, and we also have our own business so there just isn’t enough time. I also needed to spend more time with my kids and do things I enjoy, rather than boring cleaning, which is never ending, so that’s why we needed Life Maid Easy.

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General Cleaning Package

Is recommended for:

  • Homes that are regularly cleaned and need a once over to get your bond back, or be ready for a new tenant.
  • Ideal if you want a ‘Spring Clean’ to freshen up an already tidy home prior to having the family round for a special occasion.
  • If the dirtiness of your home is less than a five on a scale of one to ten, with one being crystal clean and ten being a pigsty, then the General one-off clean is right for you.

For homes that are being prepared for an open home we highly recommend the Top to Bottom “Deluxe” one-off clean.

What it doesn’t include:

  • Washing interior windows (this can be done at additional cost, please ask us)
  • Washing second storey exterior windows (we can clean reachable and ground level exterior windows at additional cost, please ask us)
  • Heavy duty blind cleaning
  • Carpet cleaning
  • Cleaning inside kitchen cupboards and pantry (except if your home is empty as extra time is required to move items out of the cupboards, clean, then replace)

Side by Side: General vs Deluxe One-Off Clean

What it includes: General One Off Clean Top to Bottom “Deluxe” or General One-Off Clean
(Most popular)
Wipe all counters/appliances including microwave
Scrub the sinks
Open all cabinets, drawers, and wipe out the pantry
Wipe out shelves and draws in fridge
Clean the oven on the inside and outside
Wash all cabinets
Wash all mouldings trim and door frames
Wash all doors and window sills
Hand wipe all light switch plates
Hand wash all skirting boards
Thoroughly sweep and mop all bare floors (especially where appliances were)
Vacuum all carpeted areas including closets
Vacuum all carpet crevices (along the edge where bugs, animal hair, and carpet fibers collect)
Light dust of blinds with micro fibre duster (unless arrangements are made for them to be heavy duty cleaned)
Spot clean marks on walls
Remove cobwebs from ceiling and walls
Cleaning inside microwave
Bins emptied and cleaned
Hand wipe all window sills, frames and tracks
Hand wiping skirting boards
Dusting pictures and knick knacks
Dusting blinds (light dust)
Oven cleaning $49 Included
Time required, depending on how many bedrooms/bathrooms and current state of cleanliness 4 to 7 hours 8 to 15 hours

​Everything is hand-wiped. No dusters.

Service Areas

The map below indicates our service area that we travel within. If your home is outside this area we can still help you. You can pay for travel time at $80+GST/hour. For example, an extra 15 minutes of travel time each way (30 minutes total) will cost and extra $40+GST on top of your clean.

Please ask us is you are unsure if you are within the service area of would like us to give you a no obligation estimate that includes any extra travel time.

Click on the map for a more detailed view.

Ok, I’m keen to learn more. What is the process of becoming a Partner with Life Maid Easy or simply booking your first clean?

  1. First step is to call the team on 09 909 6560 or enquire online for a no obligation estimate.
  2. We will call you to learn about your requirements and give you a no obligation estimate for your clean.
  3. If that sounds like what you’re looking for, We will schedule a time for your one-off clean that suits you, arrange for access to your property and organise the payment details.
  4. You will receive a confirmation email and invoice with a specification sheet that we ask you to complete detailing which areas of your home that you want us to pay particular attention to.
  5. The day before your scheduled one off clean we ask that payment be made either by credit card or internet banking.
  6. At the scheduled time (morning or afternoon), the Life Maid Easy team will arrive at your property.
  7. Your home will be left clean and looking immaculate. A checklist will be left detailing all areas cleaned and any notes that we want you to be aware of.
  8. We send you a post clean survey via email and welcome any and all feedback you have.
  9. At any point, if you have any concerns or feedback then you are welcome to contact us and we will do everything possible to put it right.

Frequently Asked Questions

How soon can you schedule a move-in/move-out clean?
Within 24 hours if it is urgent. Please call the team on 09 909 6560 and we will arrange a time to suit you.

Can I schedule a move-in/move-out clean for the weekend?
Yes, but only on a Saturday. We are closed on Sundays.

Do you clean windows?
Yes, but this is extra to the move in/out and deluxe one-off cleans. Based on the number of rooms we can give you an estimate to clean all the internal and external (reachable without a ladder) windows.

For safety reasons we only clean the external windows that are reachable without a ladder.

How long does a one off clean take?
Between four and 12 hours depending on the number of rooms in your home and whether you want an move in/out or deluxe one-off clean.

What time of the day is the one off clean scheduled for?
We can schedule the clean to start in the morning (from 8:00am) or afternoon (after 12noon) to suit your schedule.

How much does a one-off clean cost?
It depends on the size of your home and how thorough you want the clean to be. Please enquire online or call us on 09 909 6560 for a no obligation estimate that is specific for your home.

I’m interested in ongoing cleaning of my home. Do I need a one-off clean?
If your home is already quite clean (gotta love those hours spent cleaning on a Sunday!) then you can go straight to regular, ongoing cleaning. If your home is quite dirty or hasn’t been cleaned regularly then we recommend you invest in a one-off clean to get your home looking tidy again.

What if you take less time than the quoted in your estimate for a one-off clean?
If we take less time than anticipated (admittedly this is rare) then we will only bill you for the time taken to clean your home and then refund the balance to your nominated bank account.

What if you need more time to clean my home than you estimated?
Because we quote your one-off clean sight unseen over the phone we cannot always accurately estimate the time it will take to clean your home. If we need more time then we will call you beforehand to ask your permission and give you a fixed price for the additional time required.

If you decide that the clean is good enough as it is, then we will finish your clean to the Life Maid Easy Diamond Standard to ensure that you are happy.

When do I pay?
We ask that you pay in advance by credit card or internet banking the day before your scheduled one-off clean. We have a full cleaning roster and pre-payment ensures that your clean is booked into the roster.

What if I need to cancel or reschedule my one-off clean?
We ask that you contact us 24 hours before your scheduled clean. If you cancel with less that 24 hours then you forfeit 50% the full fee you have pre-paid. This is because at such short notice we cannot find another job for our cleaning ladies and we still have to pay them for their scheduled hours.

Why do we tell you all this stuff?
All of our competitors simply quote a price and give you a few bullet points as to what their one-off clean includes, let alone what it doesn’t include. We give you every detail so there is no surprises and you know exactly what you are paying for.

Each week we complete 730 ongoing and one-off cleans for Aucklanders just like you. Choose the cleaning company that is highly experienced in one-off spring cleaning to ensure you are left with the clean home you deserve.  ​

“When you free up your time in the weekends to do what you want to do, and enjoy your family time, that’s what it’s all about.” – Ray Sale, Owner of Haven Building Concepts

“It’s freed up about 6 hours for us in the weekend and it’s made it a bit more pleasant when you come home. It’s quite invigorating when you come home and you’ve got a nice clean house, and you didn’t have to do anything to it.”

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