Thank you clients

A big thank you to all of you for supporting us and being part of our Life Maid Easy journey. There would be no Life Maid Easy without our cleaning teams and your loyal support. We have come a long way as a company. This year has seen many changes for us in terms of our services, employees and cleaning staff.

We introduced our Exterior House Wash, gutter clean and Water-blasting services this year. We have a specialised team which focuses solely on these services and are in the process of training another team. If you have any feedback regarding house washes or any other service then please let us know. We appreciate all kinds of feedback as it helps us in improving our services so we can provide you with a better service in the future.

Our Builders clean made easy department has also grown exponentially this year. Enes Bashota who heads the Builders clean department has been working around the clock to make it the best Builders clean service out there. We are proud to say that we are currently the market leaders when it comes to Builders’ clean and renovation cleans. If there are any other services which you would like us to provide then please let us know by emailing me on or you can call us at 09 909 6560. We are always open to suggestions.

So far our services have been available in the Auckland region only. However we are scaling nationwide and Australia in 2017. We have finally got a team that is dynamic, capable and enthusiastic to run our systems. We believe in the Life Maid Easy dream. We need you more now than ever to give us any advice that you might have regarding our services.

Our cleaning teams will be working this holiday period except for public holidays. The office will be closed between 24th of December 2016 till 9th January 2017. If you have any urgent queries then please contact Melissa at 027 555 9002. Have a very Merry Christmas and a very happy New year from the team at Life Maid Easy.

Best Wishes 

Steven Ngov

General Manager/Marketing Manager