General Questions

Do I need to prepare my home beforehand?

Not necessarily. We do recommend that you tidy any personal belongings or important document prior to the visit. Anything that you think could be a potential obstacle we recommend you tidy it before we commence cleaning.

I have pets at home, do I need to let you know beforehand?

During your healthy home action plan you can let us know how many pets you have, and if they require any special attention. In most cases, your pets won’t be a distraction and your service will be carried out as normal

Can I be sure that the products you use won’t expose my family to any health risks?

You don’t need to worry as we only use green eco-friendly cleaning products and all of our cleaning equipment is bio-degradable as well. Green cleaning products are sourced from natural ingredients and are free from harsh chemicals that cause allergy symptoms. Your home will be left smelling clean and refreshing each time. The HEPA filtration vacuum also improves air quality so your family’s health is in safe hands.

Do you provide your services in my area?

We currently service the following areas in Auckland

  • Central Auckland
  • East Auckland
  • North Auckland
  • West Auckland
  • South Auckland

Will the same housekeepers clean my home every time?

If you are happy with the team and would like them to clean your home each time, we will strive to provide you with the same team every time, however this can’t always be achieved. You are welcome to make prior arrangements by contacting our office ahead of time.

How many people will clean my home?

We operate in teams of two to three for maximum efficiency, as each housekeeper focuses on a particular area of the house. For your peace of mind we do checks at different times during the cleans to ensure our team is focused on the job and your home is cleaned to a high standard.

What happens if I want to cancel my appointment or move it to another day?

That can be easily arranged for you. Simply give us a call or send us an email and we’ll happily reschedule your appointment to the next available date. If you wish to cancel your appointment we will provide you with a full refund, no questions asked. The only thing we ask is to give us 24 hours cancellation notice. This just helps us with scheduling other clients. If 24 hours notice is not given, you’ll incur 50% of the estimated cost.

When do I pay for my services?

You have a few options here. All payments are in advance of your service. If you aren’t home during our first visit, then we will ask you for the full estimated amount beforehand. We accept payment via Internet Banking, Paymark, Visa and Mastercard. We can also setup the payments for you automatically, by you completing a direct debit authorisation form.


How will you have access to my home if I’m not there?

Absolutely, you can trust us with the keys, as all of our keys are coded and locked in a safe storage box which can only be accessed by the Directors of Life Maid Easy. Alternatively, if you have concerns with giving your keys to us, you can leave your keys in a safe place at your home and we will replace it once the cleaners have done the job.

How long will it take to clean my home?

Based on the services you require we will give you an exact time frame during the home visit when we assess the requirements prior to the clean. Once we have given you the time we will ensure your deadline is met, and once again you will protected by our Diamond Standard Service Guarantee.

Do I have to be home while you are cleaning?

No, you do not have to be at home during the clean. The decision is yours. You may want to be there during the initial cleans so you’re 100% comfortable with us cleaning your home.

How will you keep in contact with me and how does the relationship work?

Communication is a huge part of our business, we keep in contact with you via phone and email. We will send you confirmation emails with appointment dates, time and details of your cleaners 48 hours before their visit. The team will let you know beforehand of any delays or cancellations, and arrange alternatives to prevent any inconvenience. You’ll also receive our newsletter and can access any news right here at

Is the pricing straightforward and easy to understand?

Your relationship with us will start off with your FREE Healthy Home Action Plan. From this we’ll find out exactly what cleaning solution you’re looking for, and then provide a detailed estimate for our services. From there you’ll make the decision about going ahead with the cleaning, and decide on a start date. We’ll then provide you with fully detailed invoices for each clean, so you’re completely confident on what cleaning is being done.

Can I be assured that I’ll be getting the same level of service each and every time?

At Life Maid Easy you’ll be asked to complete a quick feedback form after each and every service. Rather than doing this in front of your housekeeper, where you may feel uncomfortable giving them feedback, you can complete this feedback online or submit it through fax or post. All of our team are on a pay for performance scheme as well, so your feedback will determine their bonuses. With this incentive program in place, you can be assured the Life Maid Easy team will provide you with an absolute 5 star clean every time. It’s in their best interest to do so!

What if you break something in my home? Are you properly insured?

You can rest assured knowing that every member of the Life Maid Easy team cleaning your home is fully covered by the most comprehensive policy in the industry.

What happens if my housekeeper is sick or on vacation?

Your scheduled appointment will never be missed, even if your regular housekeepers are sick or unavailable. We appreciate that you need to be able to trust the people in your home, that’s why we make it our goal to provide you with the same housekeepers for every appointment, and not swap them willy nilly.

Do you bring your own cleaning supplies and equipment?

We bring our own equipment and green cleaning supplies to clean your home. Our equipment is regularly updated and kept in excellent condition. Also, check out our 97 point crystal clean system to see the steps we take to ensure no two cloths or brushes are used for two widely different surfaces (for example, the toilet and bathroom basins).

WAIT! If you use your own cleaning supplies and equipment, does that mean you re-use the same rags and cloths on my home that you’ve used to clean another client’s home?
NO, that would be disgusting and unhygienic.

After we’ve finished cleaning for the day we go away and prepare our cleaning kits for the next day. This includes a set of fresh, washed and colour coded rags for each individual client the next day. For instance, if we had seven clients on Monday, then we’d prepare sever separate cleaning kits the night before. This means we’re not lifting dirt and bacteria from one home and transferring it to another client

How do I know if my housekeeper is properly trained?

Your 98% Difference – We only employ the very best in the business. Only 1 out of 27 of those who apply actually end up becoming part of the team at Life Maid Easy. All of our team are security and background checked, giving you peace of mind over who enters your home. Upon joining the Life Maid Easy team, each cleaner goes through the Life Maid Easy Housekeeping University.

What if my home isn’t cleaned the way I want?

We guarantee you’ll be completely satisfied with every clean of your home. If not, just let us know and we’ll put it right within 24 hours guaranteed, at no extra cost to you. If not, you won’t pay a cent for your service. Click here to find out more about our ‘Diamond Standard Service Guarantee’.

Property Maintenance Questions

What happens if I want to cancel my job or move it to another day?

That can be easily arranged for you. Simply give us a call or send us an email and we’ll happily reschedule your job to the next available date. If you wish to cancel your appointment we will provide you with a full refund, no questions asked.

The only thing we ask is to give us 24 hours cancellation notice. This just helps us with scheduling other clients. If 24 hours notice is not given, you’ll incur 50% of the estimated cost.

What if you break something in my home? Are you properly insured?

Your property is treated with the utmost respect and care. However, should any accident, damage or breakage occur during the clean, you will be fully compensated for the damages. When appropriate insurance claims will be filed. Our Tower Insurance policy extends to $1,000,000 in general liability, $500,000 in employers liability and $500,000 in statutory liability insurance.

What if the job isn’t completed the way I want?

If you’re not 100% satisfied with the completed work, then simply contact us and we’ll come back with a solution within 24 hours to put it right. We stand behind our workmanship and want to you to be delighted with the look of your property.

What if the job ends up taking longer than expected?

We 100% stand behind our fixed price quotation and will complete all the prescribed jobs regardless of how long it takes. If you would like additional work done then Emmett can give you a quote to get this done in addition to the original quote.

What about waste and rubbish? Do you remove this?

We will remove and recycle (where we can) all rubbish, garden trimmings and gutter leaves, saving you the hassle of doing so. For any large items or household rubbish we will quote you beforehand during our on-site visit.

Do I have to prepare my property beforehand?

Please make sure there is a place we can access your power and water on the property. You can leave everything else up to us!

When do I pay for my services?

All payments are in advance of your service for the quoted amount. This is to secure the date for your job.

We accept payment via Internet banking, personal cheque, Visa and Mastercard.

Do I have to be home while you are on the property?

No, you can leave us to it. We will need access to power and water, but we can organise the keys before the scheduled day if you’re busy.

How soon can I book in my job?

We can usually fit you in the same week depending on the time of year. Spring is usually the biggest time of year and you may have to wait until the following week during October to December. Saturday is a popular day (we’re closed on Sunday’s) so book one to two weeks ahead if you would like to secure a Saturday.

Do you provide property maintenance services in my area?

We serve all of Auckland. Please ask us if you are unsure.

Carpet Cleaning Questions

What carpet cleaning products do you use?

We recommend and use eco-friendly carpet cleaning products that are biodegradable and non-allegenic.

Do I have to move my furniture?

For small, easily moveable items like coffee tables and chairs, we’ll move these to another area. Its best to wait until the carpets are dry (typically one hour) before moving them back to their original spot. This avoids damaging the carpet while its still wet.

For larger items like lounge furniture, we clean around and under these items rather than moving them for safety reasons. You’re welcome to move these items before or during the carpet clean to ensure we clean every square inch or your carpet.

How long will it take for my carpets to dry?

Two to eight hours with the steam cleaning method of carpet cleaning (recommended). One hour with the encapsulation method.

With either method you will be able to walk on the carpet immediately after being cleaned although it will still be a little damp. Using a heater, dehumidifier or opening nearby windows and doors will speed up the drying process.

Usually, in a good weather it takes 12 hours for carpets to come to a complete dry. In bad weather it might take a little longer.

Fully opened windows will help carpets to dry. Please don’t forget to leave as much windows open as it is possible in both good and not that good weather.

If you are moving out and want end of tenancy clean as well as Carpet Steam Clean please make sure that you home is empty and nothing lest on the floors.

How long do you need to clean my carpets?

The time needed depends on your home and the current cleanliness of your carpets. For a typical three bedroom home two to three hours is needed, including the post clean drying technique we use to speed up the drying process.

How do you compare with specialist carpet cleaning companies on price?

We’re not the cheapest carpet cleaning service in Auckland. This is by design. Using environmentally friendly products, vacuuming your carpets and taking the extra time to clean dirty or ‘hard to get to’ areas means we will charge a little more than the lowest price carpet cleaners you can hire.

But if you want a top quality carpet clean by carpet cleaners you can entrust your home with, that uses safe cleaning products rather than harsh chemicals then the extra investment is well worth it.

Before you hire a carpet cleaning company we recommend you check out their website to see if they are:

  • Professionally trained and qualified carpet cleaning technicians
  • A member of the Carpet Cleaning Association of New Zealand (which has a independent disputes panel)
  • Carry professional indemnity insurance
  • 95% positive reviews from real customers.

How much will it cost for a professional carpet clean?

It depends on the size and cleanliness of your carpet. Please call the team on 09 909 6560 for a no obligation phone estimate.

Can you clean my carpets on the weekend?

Yes, we’re available every Saturday. We are closed on Sunday’s.

How soon can I book in a carpet clean?

If its urgent and you’re flexible with the time of day the clean is scheduled we can book you in within 24 to 48 hours. If you would like your home cleaned at the same time then you may have to book a 3-4 days ahead to ensure our team can made available for your clean.