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Professional cleaning companies are equipped with professional staff and equipment to handle all sorts of cleaning services and provide you with a high standard result.

House Cleaning Cost Calculator (2021) by Life Maid Easy®


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    House cleaning Auckland prices depend on number of factors. These factors are:

    • Size of the property (including numbers of stories, bedrooms, bathrooms, living and dining areas, kitchens, offices,  and garages)

    • Geographic location also plays a role in how much you’ll pay for house cleaning.
    Auckland cleaning services will be more expensive than services in towns with a lower cost of living. The costs that house cleaning companies charge in high-cost areas account for higher insurance rates, higher costs to operate vehicles, higher labor rates, etc.

    • Many cleaning companies also offer add-ons. Add-ons are additional cleaning tasks that you can add to your clean. Add-ons can be: carpet cleaning, window glass cleaning, walls and ceilings cleaning, oven and fridge cleaning. Some cleaning services in Auckland make bedrooms cleaning as add-ons as well.


    What house cleaning prices in Auckland are based on?

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    Cleaning businesses and maid services in Auckland charge based on different factors, such as: square footage, price per room or price per hour, price per Labour Hour. Also, due to each job is unique, most professionals will only provide a price in estimate.

    Cost of a house cleaner (NZ)

    Price depends on many factors, lets investigate how different cleaning companies charge in Auckland.

    House cleaning Auckland price based on Number of cleaners 

    Some cleaning companies charge an hourly rate based on the number of cleaners:

    One Cleaner NZD$ 30-$40/hr
    Two Cleaners NZD$ 40-$70/hr
    Three or more Cleaners NZD$ 80-110/hr

    Some house cleaning services charges an hourly rate based on the number of cleaners required for your clean. For two cleaners on site, they charge around $45-$70per hour. For one cleaner on site, they charge around $30-$40 per hour. They also might charge an additional cost for add-ons like: carpet cleaning, windows cleaning, blind cleaning, sliding doors cleaning, etc. This is reasonable, because not everyone need carpet clean or fridge clean for example. So, the less common cleaning tasks appeal as add-ons.

    When cleaning companies charge an hourly rate, it means that the price you pay for each visit can vary with condition of your home. Typically, house cleaning companies that do charge by the hour will provide you a walk-through before you hire them.

    House cleaning Auckland price based on Number of rooms

    Some cleaning companies in Auckland estimate their prices based on number of rooms: bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, living rooms, dining rooms, offices, garages, etc.

    One room NZD$ 55-$70/hr
    Two rooms NZD$ 100-$130/hr
    Three rooms NZD$ 150-$190/hr

    For example, if your house has a one bedroom, one living room, one bathroom, one kitchen. You clean will be around $230-250 because it is a clean of 4 rooms overall.

    House cleaning Auckland price based on Square meters

    Not many cleaning services in Auckland charge based in square meters, however, there are some companies who do this, the cost of a house cleaner in NZ can vary quite a bit, but here’s a rough guide:

    Home Square meters Deep cleaning Cost General (light)cleaning Cost
    100 $210-$290 $150-$220
    200 $320-$420 $220-$310
    300+ $420-$490 $250-$330


    House cleaning Auckland price based on Labour Hours

    Some cleaning services in Auckland charge based on Labour Hours. People find it attractive because it saves their time and provides with an excellent result. So, clients get the clean done 3-4 times faster and to a high standard. For example, if you have 2 stories house with 5 bedrooms2 living rooms, 1 kitchen, 1 dining, your deep one off clean will be around $450-$490 and it will take around 10-12 Labour hours to complete the clean.

    For the cleaning companies in Auckland 10-12 Labour hours clean will be completed in 3-3,5 hours for you. 3 hours instead of 10 is more convenient, isn’t it? You might think that 10-12 hours is too much even for big 5-bedroom house.

    Think about it this way, professional cleaners clean your home differently, then you would do yourself.

    One-off deep clean, Spring clean or end of tenancy clean are very deep cleanings. It supposed to includes scrub down of all surfaces, kitchen, clean and disinfection of bathrooms, and toilets, tubes and showers, dusting of the whole house from top to bottom and many others tasks that make you home look and feel great in a little time. Moreover, usually, cleaning services in Auckland that charge per Labour Hours, have a refund policy. Not every company has this policy.

    Refund policy means that the price will be adjusted in the end of a clean if cleaners spent less time then have been provided in the estimate.  

    I will walk you through it for you to understand how it works in practice.

    There are few examples:

    Original Quote Time spent on site Refund Price De Facto
    7 LH-$290 6 LH 1LH refund-approx.$35-50 $250-$245
    12 LH – $410-$550 9 LH 3LH refund-approx.$100-$120 $310-$410

    How to Find Good and Reliable home cleaners in Auckland

    Often, it is a great option to delegate some duties and make your life easier, less stressful, and more pleasurable. One of the tasks you can successfully delegate is cleaning of your home. There are few companies which provide professional home cleaning service in Auckland that you can use for your cleaning needs.

    When you decide to use a professional cleaning service, you might come up with some questions. How can I find good and reliable cleaners in Auckland? Can I trust any of these companies? Should I use private cleaners or cleaning companies? Can I trust them? What to expect from them? What if they damage my floors or furniture? What if the clean I paid for, will be done with a very low standard? What if they steal something? All these questions make sense! You want to be sure that people who you let in your home are harmless, trustful, and professional.

    Useful tips on How to choose good and reliable cleaners in Auckland

    how to find good

    • Ask for referrals. Ask for referrals from friends who have used the same cleaning service over time.

    • Choose a company that is bonded and insured. This protects you and your property in case of theft or damage.

    Read Latest reviews. Look at the latest client reviews to get an idea of what to expect. Reviews are far not always something you can totally rely on. However, you can get a general idea about the service.  Google star rating from  4.0 to 4.8 is considering as a high rating and these companies/services worth to try. Why not 5.0 ?? You might have this question in your mind. The answer is that it is impossible for any company organically get 5.0 rating. The exception can be only if the company is new and has little amount of reviews. 

    • Conduct a phone interview. Ask them how long they have been in a business and ask for recommendations.

    • Hire a licensed company. This means they are legally registered to operate as a business.

    • Compare prices. A company that offers a wildly low price may not be operating legitimately.

    • Ask for a Spec Sheet of the clean you require. If you are choosing between few cleaning companies in Auckland, do not rush to book the cheapest one straight away. It is not a great idea make up your mind based on price only, especially if you’ve been provided with an estimate, because its not a final price you pay. Compare the cleaning packages as well. Some companies provide a very appealing price but the clean they provide, normally include less tasks. Probably, it is because many people are only price orientated and they don’t usually research about cleaning or company. If you want to see a big picture of what exactly you are getting for price you pay, do some research, especially if it is cleaning service. You want to make sure, that you and your home are safe. Please compare all the aspects and choose the one that suits your cleaning needs better. 


    Why should I use a professional cleaning company if individual cleaners are much cheaper?

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    Background check

    When you are choosing between private cleaners and cleaning companies, one of the important aspects to mention is that everyone can be an individual cleaner. Individual cleaners are not accountable to anyone and they have no background check. So, you never know, if they have a criminal past or negative work background that might affect your choice as a customer. While cleaning companies do all the checking of criminal record and ask for referrals from last employers before employer a cleaner. So, not everyone can be a cleaner of a cleaning business. This also minimises any potential risk of theft.


    As I have mentioned before, private cleaners don’t carry any legal responsibility for anything they do. Even if they provide a low-quality service. While professional cleaning services, hold their staff members accountable for the cleans they do. Cleaners who work for a cleaning business even can lose their jobs for a low quality of work. Also, Cleaning companies make sure that their cleaners arrive to a client on time and provide a decent quality of services. Very important that they are trained cleaners to provide the best service as possible to meet a high standard and to be reliable, responsible, and professional.

    Professional Cleaning services in Auckland have a quality assurance manager who establish quality regulations of a service standards and employees to improve customer satisfaction.

    Reputation and responsibility

    Private cleaners are self-employed therefore, they often don’t worry much about their reputation and the standard of the work. Also, private cleaners are often not insured when it comes to their business. So, it means that if private cleaners accidentally damage something in your home, they are more likely to walk away rather than solve the issue. Also, when you expect high standard excellent service from an independent cleaner, you may not get what you paid for and no one will solve the issue for you.

    However, Professional Cleaning services care about their reputation. They realise the risk of having unhappy disappointed clients. If there are any issues or complains, usually cleaning companies deal with it and investigate the problem to provide you with the best solution within the max of 48 hours.

    Things to be concern
    when choosing cleaners for your home 
    Independent housekeeper Professional Cleaning
    Police check Not guaranteed Yes
    Insurance Not guaranteed Yes
    Operation manager No Yes
    Employee training No Yes
    Safety Not guaranteed Yes
    Cheap Prices Yes Not guaranteed
    Quality Assurance No Yes
    Different cleaning packages Not guaranteed (may be) Yes
    Quality of equipment and
    cleaning products
    Not guaranteed Yes
    Secure payment Not guaranteed Yes
    High standard cleaning Not guaranteed (may be) Not guaranteed (More Likely)


    Ask any questions you have on the phone. Just call any company that seems reliable to you and make sure they are able to provide you what you are asking for.

    Another important aspect that makes a difference between Independent house cleaner and Professional cleaning company is that a cleaning company has a procedure or process that they follow to make things clear for you. So, they seem more reliable and structured rather than individual cleaners. Also, Cleaning companies have different departments where every specialist in the office has a particular duty like:
    • Accounting department – do only accounts for a company

    • Operation manager – specialist that do only operations and deal with complains

    • Sales and Marketing department – do only sales and marketing for a company

    • Cleaners – cleaning only.

    If you have your own business, this will be even more obvious for you, that Well-structured organisations are more reliable and responsible in any circumstances.
    If you need any advice about cleaning in Auckland Call us 09 909 6560 or email your enquiry

    7 Ways how to save money on one-off house cleaning

    When you need professional help with your cleaning duties but can’t afford it, you can always find the way how to reduce your cleaning cost and at the same time get professional help for your cleaning needs.


    save money-390

    1. Individual house cleaners

    Individual house cleaners often charge less than professional house cleaning companies. Professional cleaning services that usually have more standardized pricing models, are more likely to be bonded and insured, and often perform background checks on their employees. You y decide that the convenience and trust of working with a company is worth the cost.

    Many cleaning companies have uniform, company cars, procedures and processes in place for customer service and for cleaning strategies. 

    Although many individual house cleaners don’t have any formal systems in place that allow them to charge incredibly cheap. If you only can afford an individual cleaner, ask for a written agreement. It will, at list, provide you with some kind of legal document in case something goes wrong.  

    2. Purchase your own supplies

    Professional cleaning services usually bring their own equipment and cleaning products to clean a client’s home. Cleaning services in Auckland usually charge $5-$10 for cleaning supplies. By asking cleaners to use your cleaning products, you can save this amount of money. It is not much, but it is still money. 

    3. Choose only certain rooms to be professionally cleaned

    If you cant afford the whole clean, you can cut your cleaning cost by excluding the cleaning of certain areas like: living room, bedroom etc. It can save cleaners time and save you money at the same time. For example, if you have 3-bedroom house with 1 living room, 2 bathroomskitchen and laundry, you can save around $50 just by removing laundry and living room cleaning from your enquiry.

    4. Clean home on a regular basis

    Taking care of your home on a regular basis helps to control allergies caused by indoor irritants and make for a happy, healthy home. Moreover, cleaning price, also, depends on a home’s condition. It takes more time to clean messy, mouldy home rather than the one that have been regularly taken care of. 

    5. Use companies that provide estimated price only. 

    Many cleaning companies provide price in estimate only. It is because every home is different and has different size and conditions. However, if a company provides an estimate instead of normal fixed price, it should tell you that they are more likely to provide a refund policy. If so, its a great news for you! It means that you can get a refund if they complete the clean in less tome than it was estimated.

    You can safe up to $200, depends on how much you’ve been firstly estimated.

    6. Do a light clean by yourself

    Do a light cleaning by yourself first, and then, leave other tasks for professionals. If a company has a refund policy, you can be refunded and the whole clean will be cheaper in the end.

    You can also, ask for a general one-off clean instead of deep one off clean. General one-off clean usually includes less tasks. It will be a great option to finish your clean with professional touch.

    7. Ask for a minimum charge clean and customise it 

    Many cleaning companies in Auckland provide a minimum charge which is usually around $120-$200. You can priorities important tasks for cleaners, so they can follow your own list of tasks that the most important for you. It will be still a great help for you. 


    Our cleaning teams are reliable, trained, friendly, and fast. Even a big job will be done in as little time as possible for you and to a high standard.


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