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Importance of a Clean Home When Selling

By May 18, 2016September 1st, 2016No Comments

Imagine this; you are on the verge of selling your home. You are rushed off your feet. The house isn’t anywhere near up to a ‘sell-able’ standard. You end up selling the house; however knowing you could have gotten slightly more annoys you.

Please tell me you don’t want to be the one losing money when it is in fact really easy to make more (especially when you don’t even have to do the bulk of the house cleaning!).

There has been many times I have seen my parents sell their properties, and believe me, I was always told around the busy ‘open homes’ make sure you put away this and clean that!. I have experienced firsthand how important cleaner houses can help improve earning that little extra buck without much hassle! Not only from me, but it is a proven fact that cleaner houses are important.

Here are some top tips from real estate agents and Westpac to help make sure you’ve cleaned your home to a sell-able standard:

“A well looked after clean home gives the impressions of a well cared home.”

When people walk into an open home, they want to be able to envision themselves already living there. The     more cluttered and grubby your home, the more value this will add. In a 2014 survey, UK real estate agents         estimated that removing bulky items to create more space in your house could increase its sale price by up to       £2,500 (around NZ$4,800).

“This is a must before an open home,” says Mike Pero.“General clutter can create the illusion that a room is a lot smaller and lacking storage, and this can ultimately be a make-or-break for some buyers.”

Clean everything – from skirting boards to walls, taps and behind fridges

Consider getting your carpet professionally cleaned. It may cost around $200 for medium size house, however   the result will help significantly to the sale of your home.

While it may go unnoticed it will improve your home’s presentation and eliminate any lingering odours,” says Pero. “This is vital step to follow if you have pets in your home.”

Pet owners, try to downplay that there are pets in the home by moving bowls and litter box to an inconspicuous     spot

Buyers will open your cupboards and closets too, so make sure you take time to look at these.

So, if you know family or friends who are wanting to sell their property and are hesitant to go that extra mile, assure them that it is worth spending that little extra on the presentation on their home! They do not have to clean the property themselves, that’s why there are cleaning companies – and I can surely recommend one!

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