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While You Are Away

By September 5, 2016October 4th, 2016No Comments

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We’ll look after your home like it’s our own

While You Are AwayTM provides a unique and customised home and pet care service for people who are planning to be absent from their homes.

While You Are AwayTM is an alternative to a house sitter because some people don’t like the idea of a stranger living in their home.

Homeeee new

While You Are AwayTM will take care of your home, indoors and out.  From watering plants to checking security to garden maintenance, we've got it covered.


Your pets are precious and leaving them in their home environment might be what is best for them.  While You Are AwayTM will check in on your pets and look after them as if they were their own.


If you are relocating, While You Are AwayTM will provide care and supervision for your properties.

Other Services

Groceries, cleaning, fresh flowers and maintenance are just some of the “other services” thatWhile You Are AwayTM offer.

Phone:  0800 222 557



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