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Hourly rate for house cleaning NZ 

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If you’re thinking about getting help from professional maids or cleaning services, you’re not alone.

Cleaning services, housekeepers and maids have become extremely popular in New Zealand, especially in Auckland. The statistics shows that google search for cleaners and maids increased almost 3 times by 2021.

Lots of people find it vital to keep living space clean and healthy, it is one of their priorities. However, many of them just simply don’t have time for it, as it is a big and constant work.

Housekeeping in New Zealand looks slightly different compare to some European countries and to keep home clean and hygienic is far not the sweetest job. Houses here are more likely to have mold issue due to climate and high humidity.

New Zealand house owners, who take care of their homes and keep it healthy and hygienic all the year long, spend nearly half more time cleaning a year, compare to some European house owners.

Since cleaning services have become a necessity for many house owners, hourly rate for house cleaning in New Zealand is a quite frequent question.

In this article you will find detailed information about what is hourly rate for cleaning NZ and what exactly you pay for when hiring a cleaner.


Hourly rate for house cleaning NZ: What do you exactly pay for, when hiring a cleaner?

Hourly rate for house cleaning in New Zealand vary between NZ$25 – NZ$55 per hour. It is quite a big rage, isn’t it?

Have you ever thought what cost is actually includes, when purchase product or service?

Some people might think that cleaning cost is only what cleaners get paid. It can be right, but only if you hire an individual cleaner, that works for herself or himself only.

Individual cleaners have minimum expenses as well as minimum legal responsibilities compare to a cleaning company.

Cleaning companies, like most other businesses have office and admin expenses, labour cost, equipment cost, cleaning tools, cleaning products, insurance. Moreover, they have office staff and cleaners police check, payment security system, cleaning training, etc. All this is vital to provide you with good customer experience, high cleaning standard and safe services.

Let’s have a deeper look and find out what are you actually paying for when hiring cleaning services in New Zealand and what benefits you get from it.

Office and admin cost

Proper cleaning company usually has office staff to provide you with good customer service.

Most of the time, when people look for a cleaner, they search online, then call or email to talk to someone who is helpful and professional, someone who make the process clear and easy.

In general, when we contact a company that provides services, we are expecting a quick and professional response. Isn’t it ?

Cleaning companies with a proper business structure are able to provide their clients with a quick and professional response on your convenience via phone or email. Professional sales team respond within maximum of 12 working hours.

Yes, it costs money for a company, but this is the only way to provide you with good customer support. Professional team willing to guide you and help to choose the right type of cleaning as well as walk you through the processes, answer your questions and give the right suggestion, if needed.

Moreover, when it comes to booking, they need to allocate a cleaning team, make sure they come up on time with right equipment and so on …

Some cleaning services also customize cleaning package for you, so they can add or remove cleaning tasks and help you with specific enquiries as well.

Responsive and reliable customer support is vital even though it cost money for a company.

Labour Cost

Professional maids By the New Zealand law, cleaning companies or any other organizations must pay their staff not less than minimum wage. At the moment, min wage in New Zealand is NZ$20 per hour.

Cleaning is a hard and exhausting work, with attention to details and it should be paid fair.






Equipment cost

Cleaner Vacuuming When you hire cleaners through cleaning company, all you need to do is to provide right property details, be clear in what you want to be done and provide information that a company needs to book a clean.

Professional cleaners are fully equipped with vacuum cleaners, mops, carpet steamers, water blusters, cleaning tools, brushes, sponges, cleaning solutions both regular and eco, in case someone has allergies on certain cleaning chemicals, etc. to handle all sorts of cleaning for you.

Professional cleaning equipment can cost up to NZD17.000 for some items. Furthermore, professional equipment requires regular maintenance. It also costs money for a company, but gives you a high cleaning standard.

Also, items like cleaning brushes, cloths, gloves, shoe covers have to be replaced very often to provide a hygienic and clean home for you.



Insurance is one of the most important things when it comes to cleaning services.

To avoid risks, make sure that a company is fully insured. It provides you a guarantee, that if something is broken or damaged by cleaners, it will be fixed or replaced for you free of charge.

Even the most professional and experienced cleaners are still humans and things happen. That is why responsible cleaning companies spend money on insurance to provide you with safe service.

Background check

Since cleaners work in peoples personal space, legally running company must do a police background check for both, office staff and cleaners to make sure that there is no criminal background.

Background check significantly decreases the chance of theft. It is a simple psychology, a person who was involved in criminal actions in the past, more likely to do it again. However, people with clear background are less likely to do any criminal actions and they do care a lot about personal and employee reputation.

Payment security

If there are still people who don’t feel comfortable to provide card details to a service companies, hopefully you don’t buy anything online too, because 99.9% online stores charge by credit card prior to the delivery.

Most cleaning companies record payment details and charge after the clean, not before. So it is as safe as online store, even safer, because we purchase lots of goods from overseas and if something wrong, its hard to sort out.

However, with cleaning services you know the address of the office location, phone numbers, sales staff names and surnames. You can see that they don’t hide. Address and contact number is always on a company website, full names of sales people you can see on the emails that a company sends you, like a quote or booking confirmation.

You can even check online, if a company is registered and operate legally. This information is online and easy to reach for any user.

By the way, legal businesses don’t deal with cash at all.

They offer online banking payment or charge debit/credit card on a job completion.

Businesses that process online payments must have secure payment system.

This is not free, it cost money to a company, however, it worth the money, because it let a company to provide you 100% guarantee that payment details are safe and will be used with your permission only.

Training cost

What can be worse than cleaners that don’t have any cleaning strategies to follow or who don’t know how to use cleaning chemicals properly.

Cleaners training involves not only strategies on how to clean homes fast and up to high standard, but also, how to use cleaning chemicals and tools in a right way, especially for materials like wood, paper walls, glass, etc.

Responsible cleaning companies have a training program for new cleaners who come on board, before letting them go into client’s home.

Training period can last 2-3 weeks and it also cost money for a company, but provides a big advantage as well.

Some cleaning services repeat training every year or 2 for existing cleaners as well, to keep a high quality of service, while you receive trained professionals for your home cleaning.


Marketing cost

searching for cleaners No matter how amazing, professional, responsible, great a cleaning service is, if there is no marketing done, google does not show it on the first page and people never get to know about that service.

People search online fist, then purchase. So, basically every business has to spend a decent part of a budget on marketing anyways to provide you with  quick search.

Marketing involves heaps of different aspects online as well as offline.

If not to be too technical and boring, in simple words, cleaning business need to provide you a modern, user friendly website on both desktop and mobile for you to use.

Also, website have to be regularly optimized. It also cost money for a company.

Website is not only one online platform that cleaning business needs, to provide you with great online experience.

Also, they provide other online tools that are free for you to use but cost money for a company.

Quality satisfaction guarantee 

Not all cleaning services in New Zealand provide quality satisfaction guarantee, however you can ask when calling for quote.

What is the quality satisfaction guarantee?

Some cleaning services have a person in the office, who is able to deal with all sorts of complains and customer dissatisfaction like cleaning standard, stuff damage, etc., whatever the issue is.

For example, if you are not happy with a cleaning standard or if something went wrong or have been damaged, fist, take photos of the area you are not happy with, then send it to the company explaining the issue, then wait for a phone call or call them yourself to discuss the issue and possible solution.

Quality satisfaction manager or operation manager will record the issue you faced, investigate the problem and come back to you with the solution within maximum of 48 working hours, depending on the problem.

Hourly rate for one-off house cleaning NZ

cleaner vacuuming Hourly rate for house cleaning can vary between NZ$25 – NZ$55 per hour, depending on what a cleaning service is able to offer.

If a company fully equipped, fully insured, has trained and police vetted staff and cleaners, has customer service and so on, the hourly rate is more likely to be over NZ$25.

Average hourly rate for one-off house cleaning in New Zealand is NZ$45 per hour.

Most cleaning services in New Zealand have min hours for any one-off cleans. The most common minimum rate in New Zealand is 4 hours. It means that you can book 4 hours minimum for one-off clean. The most common one-off cleans are: end of tenancy clean, Spring Clean and General one-off clean.

What can be done within 4 hours for one-off house clean?

4 hours clean usually enough to professionally clean small 1 bedroom unit or to fully clean of 2 bathrooms, 1 small toilet, 1 kitchen and 1 living room of an average home size.

Remember, professional maids do cleaning in different way. Always ask for a list of tasks that included, to understand the intensity of a clean.

Hourly rate for Regular weekly/fortnightly/monthly house cleaning NZ

Weekly cleaner cleaning shower If you use the same provider for your one-off cleaning as well as for regular cleaning, the hourly rate for one-off and on-going (regular) cleans should be the same.

The average hourly rate for house cleaning is NZ$45 per hour.

In terms of intensity of cleaning, expect it to be less intensive than one-off house cleaning.

Also, ask your cleaning provider to send you a list of tasks that they include in on-going clean, so you know what to expect exactly and what you pay for.

On-going regular cleaning, also might have a minimum rate. Usually, cleaning services in New Zealand have a minimum of 2 hours booking for regular cleaning.

What can be done within 2 hours of regular house clean?

Usually 2 hours is enough to do a General clean for up to 3 bedrooms homes. 3 bedrooms properties can be different in size in squire meterage, but here I mean a standard kiwi 3 bedrooms with 1 or 2 bathrooms, around 100 Sq. Meters.

It is also quite common for cleaning services to have different rates depending of the frequency of regular clean.

The most common is when the price for weekly and fortnightly cleanings are the same. However, if you go for monthly, the price might increase. When you keep home professionally cleaned on weekly basis, it is cleaner and tidier in general and takes less time to clean, rather than if it is cleaned on a monthly basis.



If you would like to talk to professionals about cleaning, or enquire cleaning for your Auckland home, fill up the contact form below. Our Sales Team will be in touch with you within the 12 working hours.

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