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Spring is finally here!

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With the weather warming and the rain disappearing, here are some helpful reminders on what your garden needs from you.

Edible Garden

Turnover the soil and mix in some compost to give the soil a nutritonal boost.  For a continual supply of lettuce over the harvest period, sow a few seeds every couple of weeks.  In warmer areas, it is time to plant kumara, and let's not forget the dinnertime staple, the potato.  It is a great time to plant the following herbs, as these love a warm environment; basil, dill, parsley and chives.  

To get rid of pests on your edibles, ask your local garden centre which products will kill the bugs without harming your plants.


Let's put some life back into the lawn.  It's time to feed and repair.  This is best achieved by aerating the lawn to deliver oxygen to the roots.  It's easy to do, just use a garden fork to spike holes into the grass.  This also allows the delivery of any other products you apply.  Feed the lawn with some good quality lawn fertiliser.  If you have a problem with clover and dandelion there are products that both feed the lawn and remove these pesty weeds at the same time.

Flowers for Pots and Beds

Now is a good time to refresh the potting mix of your potted plants, or even transplant them into a larger pot.  It is also a good time to plant the seeds for the following bedding flowers: alyssum, begonia, chrysanthemum, cosmos, dianthus, gerbera, marigold, petunia, impatiens, and sweet pea.  Remember to deadhead your flowers to ensure their flowering is prolonged.


Most natives will appreciate a prune in Spring to encourage growth.  This is generally done after flowering, but prolific flowerers such as some of the Hebes can continue flowering for months.  It is best to prune when there is a lull in blooming, even if a few flowers are sacrificed.  After pruning, ensure you use a good controlled release fertiliser.

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