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While dedicated grill cleaning solutions on the market may save a little time by loosening burned-on foods, you can also use a DIY mixture of soap and water. If you choose to use a grill cleaner, rinse your grill thoroughly with water afterward to remove any remaining chemicals.


You’ll also need:


  • Grill brush (any coarse or wire-bristle brush will work)


  • Paper grocery bag


  • Tub of water and dish soap


  • Cloth rag


  • aluminum foil


How to Clean the Outside of a Charcoal Grill


While much of the cleaning focus is rightly on the inside of the grill, scrubbing the outside makes your grill look fresh and new. Outdoor grills are exposed to rain, dirt, dust, and pollen.


To clean the outside of your grill, follow these three easy steps:


  • Rinse your charcoal grill cover with water (a hose is convenient)


  • Scrub the outside using soapy water and a cloth rag


  • Rinse again to remove any remaining soap



How to Clean the Inside of a Charcoal Grill

Here’s where things get really dirty. The inside of your grill is exposed to considerable heat, smoke, and food substances that build up over time. You might even notice what appears to be cracks or peeling paint—luckily, in most cases, these flakes are actually just deposits of charred food and grease.


To clean the inside of your charcoal grill, follow these seven simple steps:


  • Flip the lid upside down on the ground. Close the vent to retain more water inside the lid while you scrub.


  • Rinse the bowl thoroughly with water from a hose or your tub. While some let the lid soak to loosen debris, it’s often just as easy to scrub straight away.


  • Add soapy water to the lid and scrub with your steel brush. You may need to rinse, wash, and repeat several times.


Once the lid is clean, rinse thoroughly.


Let your lid air dry and give it one last scrub with the steel brush. Be sure to empty the ashes into your paper bag for safe disposal.


We also recommend firing up the grill and letting it burn off any remaining food or smoke deposits before your next cookout.


Person wearing blue rubber gloves using a scrub brush and soap to clean the metal grates from a BBQ grill Cleaning Charcoal Grill Grates

Grill grates see the most food build-up, but they’re also the most accessible component of the grill to clean. Use heat to loosen up the debris. Here’s how:


Fire up the grill and let it build to a high temperature for 10 minutes.


Use your steel brush to remove any leftover remnants of burned food. You can also use balled-up aluminum foil instead of a brush. However, use caution and a pair of tongs when scrubbing with aluminum foil to avoid touching the hot grill grates.


Now, you’re ready to cook!


How Often to Clean My Charcoal Grill?

Deep clean your grill at the start of the season and after every 2-3 weeks of regular use. If you plan on putting your grill away in fall or winter, give it another deep clean before tucking it away. While we don’t offer grill cleaning, count on Molly Maid for your occasional cleaning services when you need more time to enjoy barbequing!


Is There a Safe Way to Clean Rust off a Charcoal Grill?

Yes. Follow these steps to clean your grill grate using natural cleaners:


  • Mix a 2-to-1 solution of white vinegar and water in a tub big enough to hold your grate.


  • Remove the grate from your grill and place it in the mixture.


  • Let it soak for several hours or overnight.


  • Remove the grate from the solution and wipe the rust away with an old cloth.


  • Give it a rinse with water, and your grill will be like new!


If your grill has a few spots of rust on the grill grate, be sure to remove them as soon as possible. The combination of heat and oxidized metal could pose a health risk.


Free your hand and Enjoy Fun with Life Maid Easy!

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