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Tips on leaving your home safe when you are away.

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Lock Valuables awayOut of sight, out of mind.  When you have people staying in your house you don't know, it is a safer option to lock away all valuables.

Put a stop on deliveries -  Cancel your newspaper, get your neighbours to clear your letterbox to rid of junk mail and bills.

Switch off utilities -  Turn off at the wall, computers and electronic appliances.  Turn off your gas and water if you are away for long periods.  Don't turn off your mains, as you need your fridge and freezers running

Secure doors & windows -  Check all doors and windows to make sure they are securely closed.  If you have any deadlocks on any doors, lock them!!  If someone does break in, then they won’t be able to leave through a door, this will limit on what they can carry through a window.

Inform your alarm company -  If you do have an alarm, get it monitored by a company while you are away, or at least inform them that you are going to be away.

Security & Lighting - Have lights left on inside the house, maybe use timers if you can, so they come on and off at different parts of the day and night.  Have your curtains and blinds partially closed, so people can’t see inside, but it looks like someone is home.

Footwear at the front door -  Leaving an old pair of boots and shoes at the front door, gives the impression that someone is home.

Inform your neighbours -  Let your neighbours know that you are going to be away, and for how long, this way they can keep an eye on your house.

Lawns -  If you are going to be away for more than several weeks, especially over summer, make sure you have someone organised to cut your lawns.  Having over grown lawns is a sign that says "we are away"

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