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10 features to add value to property when selling

By January 11, 2021July 28th, 2021No Comments

A guideline on how to add value to a property when selling

10 features that will help increase the value of your home when selling

Size and location of your home influence the cost of any property and you can’t really change that. However, there are things you can do to add value to a property when selling.

Here are 10 ways to get started.

1. Paint your walls
add value to a property when selling by painting walls

Refresh your walls by painting them. It is the most cost-effective and easiest way to refresh your home to boost its value. Decide whether you would like to redo the whole property or you would like to focus on a couple of rooms, or may be a particular wall? It is all depends on condition of your home. In terms of colors, Real Estate Agents says that ivory is the one color that will add value to your home.

This is one of the most common method to add value to a property when selling.

2. Storage Space

build storage space to add value to a property when selling

Even if you are a minimalist, no or little amount of storage space can be a massive shortfall for potential property buyers. Additionally, installing hooks on the back of your doors is another simple convenience that is often overlooked.

3. Improve your outdoor area

improve your outdoor area to add value to a property when selling

An outdoor space that is perfect for entertaining will increase the desirability and demand of your home. While shade and shelter are essential, fire pits have also become a popular addition to many backyards.

4. Install gas heating and appliances

install gas and heating appliances to add value to a property when selling

Gas appliances are a favourite home feature for many people and there is a reason for it. First of all, gas appliances are efficient. Gas heaters and especially flame-effect fires, give all the warmth and comfort of a wood heater. Moreover, it is environmentally friendly. Gas may produce less greenhouse gas emissions than electricity. Installing gas cooktops and ovens add value and it is often preferred to electric ovens and cooktops due to its ability to provide instant heat and even temperature compared to electric.

5. Bathroom upgrade

Upgrade your bathroom to add value to a property when selling

Fully renovating your bathroom before selling a house is a good idea but it is might be expensive and maybe even does not worth it in this situation. It’s possible to refresh your bathroom by making small changes. Small, but modern updates of your bathroom such as replacing taps and handles is a simple way to improve the appearance. If your vanity is outdated, replacing it will make a significant difference to the overall look of your bathroom.

6. Street appear

make your street appear better to add value to a property when selling

The way how your home looks from the street influences demand. Replacing your old fence can be expensive and won’t really increase the value much. However, it would be worth it, if you fix and paint existing fences around your house.

7. Interior design and Decor

improve interior design to add value to a property when selling

Adding something like cushions or rugs will make a significant difference to the look and feel of your home. Don’t forget that when people are visiting open homes, they love to imagine themselves already living there.

8. Build a granny flat

build a granny flat

It’s becoming quite common for many families to live together and split the cost of living between the members. If you have space, adding a granny flat to your property can increase the overall value as long as it’s done right. They are also a great way to generate an income to help pay off the mortgage.

9. Lighting

improve lighting to add value to a property when selling

Dark corners are your enemy when you selling your home. Bright light in rooms makes your home look bigger and more appealing, so throw back the curtains and shine a light on every nook and cranny! Start by filling lamps and overhead fixtures with 100-watt bulbs. You can play with your lights to make your home cozy.

10. Keep your home shiny clean
keep your home shiny clean to add value to a property when selling

Consider cleaning your home ideally before every open home. The cleaner and tidier your home, the more value this will add. In a 2014 survey, UK real estate agents estimated that removing bulky items to create more space in your house could increase its sale price by up to £2,500 (around NZ$4,800). Also, shinny clean house is always beneficial when you are about to sell it. It will definitely attract potential buyers.

Deep clean of your home might cost you around NZ$300 for a medium size of a property. It is an investment you will get a payoff.

cleaning is investment

Consider getting your Carpet cleaned as well. It may cost around $200–250 for a medium size house, but the result will help significantly to the sale of your home.

Many people and real estate agents use professional cleaners every time before open homes. They really see value in it. If you can’t afford professional cleaners every time before you are having an open home, the good solution for you will be to get a deep house clean before the first open home, than just do a light general clean by yourself.

I would like to share with you one amazing saying, that I always keep in my mind while I am working with my clients.

cleaning services

So, people who buy a house are your customers. If you show them value more that they even expect, you will have a 95% chance to attract and convert your “best” buyer.

Where to get started?

If you make a plan and attack one task at a time and enlist the help of professionals (if it is needed), very soon you will achieve your sales goal. Rather than falling into non-action, it is better to focus on tasks that don’t require too much fiscal investment or energy at first. It’s also helpful to get the expert opinion from an estate agent before you start tackling unnecessary tasks. A good real estate agent knows what increases the value of a property, and exactly how these tasks should be prioritized, taking your local market competition into consideration.

If you feel that you want to save your time use cleaning services that will help you with these tacks.

If you need a professional housekeeper to help you to add value to your property before selling or if you have any questions regarding cleaning Call 09 909 6560 (Mon-Fri 9am-5pm) or fill up the contact form here : Home cleaning  or email your enquiry on

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