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Celebrating our Cleaning staff

By September 8, 2016October 4th, 2016No Comments

Here at Life Maid Easy we believe that our cleaning staff is the backbone of our business. Life Maid Easy would cease to exist without their hard-work and dedication. All our cleanings are done by teams of 2 or more people. 

We have decided to celebrate our cleaning teams with Feed-backs that we have gotten from you. 


Peter's Team

Peter's team is enthusiastic, passionate and goes above and beyond their job description. They have been given full marks in almost every aspect of cleaning, service, and attitude. They are always early to the job and are finished before the allocated time. Jasmine McCartney rated them a ten on ten for friendliness, timing and cleaning.


Brenda's Team

Brenda has been with Life Maid Easy from the beginning. She runs a tight ship and has set high standards for her team. She usually does Ongoing cleans and has a great rapport with all her clients. She treats their homes as her own and has a great love for all kinds of pets. Lynette Blair commended the team for running things smoothly and efficiently.  


Arden's Team

Arden has a multi talented team specialising in One off cleans, Ongoing cleans, Builder's cleans and Windows cleans. The words that would be most suited to describe his team would be trustworthy, reliable and excellent. Arden's team knows the importance of paying attention to details and getting the job done on time. Bob Jameson's feedback rated Arden's team excellent for cleaning the Birkdale Intermediate School. 





Life Maid Easy would like to give a very big thank you to all our clients. We want to be the company that gives you the bestservice with excellent quality. We believe that achieving excellence is a path and not the final destination. We believe in improving and growing everyday. You can help us in our path of excellence with your feedback. We want the good , the bad and the ugly. Everything is welcome. Please leave your feedback for us. 



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