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Things People With Clean Homes Do Daily

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Things People With Clean Homes Do Daily

Have you ever looked at a person’s house that looks perfect, however, you never really see them do any of the housework?

What people with clean homes do when it comes to house cleaning? What is their secret of clean home with no much effort?

Organized people do things daily that eliminates the hard work when it comes to house cleaning.

People with clean homes tackle the chores in a different way to many people, to have a clean home on a regular basis.

It is these things that help to reduce the time spent cleaning, yet still, have a clean home.

Finding a routine that works for you is important when it comes to cleaning.

Ones you implement these tips you might find that you spend significantly less time cleaning and you will have more quality weekends.

It is possible, and you might not realize how much you can get done without thinking about cleaning!

Lets get started!

6 Things People With Clean Homes Do on a Daily Basis

1. Make the Bed

Cleaning list : Make a bed Sounds too simple? Not at all.

Habit of making a bed every morning is apparently one of the most difficult habits to maintain. But, it’s so rewarding!

It might be a small accomplishment, but making the bed sets the positive tone for the entire day.

It will also give you a sense of pride and it will encourage you to do all tasks you need to complete during the day.

Making your bed will also reinforce the fact that little things in life matter.

By the end of the day, that one task completed will have turned into many tasks completed for you.

Apart of that, tidy bed, instantly make your room look cleaner even though the room overall is not super clean or tidy.

Also, people who make their beds daily, actually sleep much better!

The habit of making the bed also, lowers the stress and improves mood, indeed. 

You spend roughly a third of your life in your bedroom, and the appearance of your room affects your mood. It is also creating a subtle vibe of tranquility.

You might agree that it is quite hard to feel calm, relaxed, happy, and grounded when you are surrounded by mess.

A tidy bed shows that you care about yourself and your home, and that feeling of being cared for helps lift your mood and lighten your emotional burdens.

It also, encourages you to keep the rest of your room tidy as well. When your bed looks tidy , you will not want to make a mess around it and through something on the floor or bed itself. 

You will want to keep the room tidy, hang clothes and put other items on the right places.

Also, if you have kids, you will show them a great housekeeping example and encourage them to make their beds as well and later on they will not need to work on this habit, it will be normal and natural for them.  

Discipline is all!

2. Clean Up Right After Dinner

Cleaning list: wash dishesClean up as you go. Don’t leave the dishes until tomorrow. It’s that easy! However, sometimes hard to regularly do so.

But, ones it become a habit, it will be much easier to do on a daily basis.

Most homes have dishwashing machine, that takes only 2 min every evening to put the dishes in and press the start button.

If you don’t have dishwashing machine, it’s not a big deal too. Just clean as you cook to make after dinner cleanup a breeze.

It is a very handy housekeeping skill and if you can make it a habit, good on you !

Once that’s done, wipe down all those sticky cooking surfaces and spot-sweep any stray crumbs that fell while cooking.

You’ll feel much better knowing there is no kitchen mess waiting for you in the morning.

You can also sleep a little longer in the morning knowing that there is tidy and clean kitchen waiting for you for the morning coffee.

3. Do One Load of Laundry every day or two

Laundry Does it seem like your laundry suddenly piles up? It happens if you do washing only when the basket is full.

Keep on top of laundry and closet clutter by doing one manageable load each day, or two, depending on the amount of clothes-wearers in your household.

It will make your life much easier and you will always have fresh clothes ready for you to wear any rime especially in busy rushing mornings.





4. “Clean” the Bathroom and make up area

Cleaning list : bathroom cleaning

Well – organized housekeepers, who always have tidy and clean homes never actually clean the bathroom.

To be exact, they never spend an enormous amount of time achieving a shiny clean bathroom, instead, they maintain a constantly clean one by tidying, wiping and swiping as they go.

Every morning, while you brushing your teeth or waiting for the face musk to act, wipe the surfaces and put all bathroom accessories on the right places to make the whole room tidy and organized.

By maintaining bathroom everyday, you will never ever have to spend much time to clean it again!




5. Pick Up as You Go

Clean up as you goStraighten couch pillows, put hair and make up tools back in their proper spots and store shoes neatly back in the closet immediately after you use them.

When there is no build up and big mess, these simple tasks take just a few minutes a day, but will make your home look and feel so much cleaner and fresher in a long term.

Try to do so every day at least for one week from Monday to Friday and by the weekend you will be amazed, how tidy your home is and how long the weekends are.

You will spend at least half time you usually spend on cleaning each week.

It will allow you to spend quality time with your family and weekends will not seem that short anymore.


6. Planning : Home Clean Planning

PlanningSuccessful people in general are big planners.

They know that the main secret of success in any field is planning and time-management.

Cleaning is not an exception, they say.

Home Clean planning, as any other planning starts with the main goal that you want to achieve in your home.

Most peoples home cleaning goal is healthy and tidy home with min effort and max effect.

Any planning starts with imagining the final picture, feelings about the result and benefits it will provide you with.

So how to spend minimum spare time on cleaning?

To achieve that, you have to have a clear daily, weekly, monthly, annual plan for cleaning.

Sound complicated? It is not really. Just need to follow certain steps 🙂

The point of planning is that all complicated things become easy to reach in minimum time spent.

Successful housekeepers cleaning plan: Check One Item Off Your To-Do Cleaning List

To Do Cleaning list

Successful housekeepers highly recommend to make a daily to do list with simple tacks like vacuuming a high traffic area, quick wiping, tiding,  etc.

Your everyday Mon-Friday Cleaning list can look like this :

  1. Make a bed
  2. Quickly wipe down bathroom counters and sinks after each use
  3. Empty the dishwasher while you brew coffee
  4. Clean the kitchen while your meal is cooking
  5. Keep clutter and extra appliances off kitchen counters so wiping down is simple and easy
  6. Put the washing on
  7. Hang out the fresh washing
  8. Hang clothes you wore that day or put it in the laundry bucket for the further washing
  9. Vacuum the high traffic areas of your home such as kitchen, living and dining area
  10. Take an extra minute in the shower to rinse down sides, and the glass


Ones a week Cleaning list :

  1. Open windows and sliding doors while cleaning
  2. Wash bed sheets, pillow cases and blankets as well as clothes
  3. Wash bathroom mat in hot water
  4. Declutter, wipe and organize pantries and shelfs in the kitchen
  5. Clean/wipe the fridge inside and get rid of all expired and not fresh food, and use this time to plan meals for the week
  6. Clean inside the wardrobe where you keep all the cutleries and everyday plates and cups
  7. Declutter and organize wardrobes in bedrooms
  8. Declutter and organize all book shelfs, and other shelfs you have
  9. Tidy up all paperwork
  10. Dust everything you see from top to bottom, starting with cobwebs up at the ceilings and finishing with down corners in each room
  11. Go throughout the house with a basket collecting items that don’t belong and return them to the proper place
  12. Straighten up the mudroom and arrange boots and shoes
  13. Clean the hob and wipe the range hood
  14. Clean and disinfect all surfaces in the house starting from kitchen
  15. Scrub tap, sink, waste master
  16. Put few pieces of lemon into a waste master, it will give a clean and fresh smell
  17. Clean all mirrors
  18. Clean the toilet and toilet brush, scrub tap, sink and shower as well as bath, if applicable
  19. Empty all the wastebaskets throughout the house
  20. Dust and vacuum all furniture
  21. Vacuum carpets and hard floors
  22. Mop hard floors
  23. Disinfect all touch points like door handles, light switches, TV and AC remotes, phones, lop top/computer, and other devices
  24. Hang out the washing
  25. Wipe house plants
  26. Get a cup of tea and RELAAAAAX ! 🙂


Ones a month Cleaning list:

There are chores that should be done once a month in order to keep your home clean and hygienic.

Tasks are intensive and will take more effort and time to complete, so if you can get help from your partner or kids, will be great and more fun!

Cleaning together will also make your family tighter. If you will make cleaning as a fun task, your kids will also love it !

1. Dust ceiling Fans and air Vents

It is incredibly important to keep your ceiling fans clean.

Not only to provide longer life for your fans, it also keeps the air in your home much cleaner as well as reduce the fire hazard.

2. Clean Light Fixtures

Built up dust and grime can make bulbs appear dimmer and, if the shades or covers are dirty too, you diminish the amount of light even more.

Cleaning the light fixtures throughout your home ensures that your bulbs put out the amount of lumens they should and keeps the ambiance bright.

3. Thoroughly clean Walls and ceilings

This particular task I found the most tiring and time consuming. However, the result is soooo rewarding, that I have never regret a single minute spent on walls and ceilings wash!

Home become lighter, fresher, easy to breath.

It’s a good idea to clean your ceilings as well as walls since dust that falling from them will settle on to the walls and furniture.

But, I understand that it is hard, especially when you don’t get any help.

If you can at least manage walls cleaning every month and ceilings every 2 months, it will also work very well too.

4. Wash curtains

Most curtains are machine washable, just don’t do hot washing.

Set the washing cycle at 30 degrees Celica and should be all good.

It is better to wash curtains when it is sunny outside, so they dry fast.

5. Clean windows inside and outside

If your windows are dirty they block natural light and colour of the outdoor world and make rooms look dark and sad.

This can be depressing. Regardless of whether your view is modest or not, a clear, transparent window is always more enjoyable to look through than a filthy screen.

Also, windows cleaning prevents glass degradation.

Acid rain and hard water can cause a build-up of debris on your windows, sills, and window frames.

Aside from looking bad, acid rain will damage your home and glass windows over the time.

Dirt particles will enter the glass’ pores, contaminating and corroding the windows. The first things you may notice will be some light scratches or cracks.

Eventually, an unmaintained dirty window can be altered on a structural level and will need a full replacement.

Cleaning your windows will prevent this outcome and extend the life of the window glass.

6. Clean blinds (if applicable)

You should be cleaning your blinds once a month because they are great at collecting dust, dirt, grease and pet hair.
It could also contribute to a flare of inside allergies.

7. Dust Intensively

Dust between and behind the furniture, window frames, sills and tracks. 

Just walk around the house and dust all hidden areas that you usually don’t touch.

8. Clean all sliding doors tracks

While your window tracks may not be the first thing guests notice when they come into your home, keeping them clean will help prevent drafts, eliminate mold, and give your home a well-maintained appearance.

9.Vacuum inside furniture  

Dust and dirt can easily collect underneath furniture, which can irritate allergy sufferers.

It’s easy to remember to clean your carpets and floors, but don’t neglect furniture.

Pet hair, dust and germs can build on the surfaces, so using a vacuum with different attachments can be useful.

10. Spot Treat Carpet and Upholstery

If you have some sort of stains on your carpets, the longer you leave them be, the harder it will be to remove.

So, don’t wait till stains soak in completely. Spot treat your carpet, then also do a steam clean of all carpeted area ones a year to equal carpet colour and condition.

11. Deep-Clean Appliances like microwave, oven, range hood, deep-fryer, toaster, ect. 

Most of kitchen appliances tend to have handles, switches, and buttons where spilled food or grease can easily accumulate.

Cleaning your kitchen appliances on a regular basis will ensure that they are completely free of dirt, germs and any grime that may cause malfunctions.

12. Tidy up the outside area, garden

Many people forget that outdoor living spaces can become just as cluttered as indoor, which takes away from our ability to host memorable dinner parties or simply enjoy sitting on the patio at the end of the day.

Decluttering outdoor entertaining space makes it more inviting and more functional.

13. Wash Washing Machine

It’s recommended to have your washer go through a cleaning cycle once a week, depending on how often you are using the machine.

If you aren’t using it as often, it’s recommended to give it wash (both inside and out) once a month.

14. Clean Garbage Disposal

The best way to clean out your garbage disposal is with baking soda and white vinegar.

Take half a cup of baking soda and a cup of white wine vinegar, and put both down the sink.

After a few minutes, pour some boiling hot water down, too.

Next, fill the drain with some ice cubes, and add a cup of salt, which will help to remove debris.

Finally, add lemon to the disposal and keep both the water running and the garbage disposal on.

15. Dishwasher Filter

Remove the filter and wash it to make sure all food particles are gone.

Then sprinkle a cup of baking soda in the bottom of the dishwasher and let it sit for 12 hours.

Then add a cup of vinegar and run a hot cycle.

16. Inspect Sink and Tub Drains

If you notice that your sinks or tubs aren’t draining as quickly, there may be a build up causing a blockage.

The first thing to do is try to remove anything that is obstructing the pipe manually using a pipe cleaner to pull debris through the plughole.

Second, pour a cup of baking soda down the drain, followed by some hot water, which should clear things out.

17.Wash Rugs

Rugs are great at trapping dirt and dust so it’s important that you wash them on a regular monthly basis.

No need to hire a professional, you can clean your area rugs yourself in the washing machine.

18. Clean the Dryer

Even if you empty your dryer’s lint trap before each load, chances are there is still lint buildup around the area that could potentially cause a fire.

So it’s important to deep clean it once a month.

Wrap a clean rag around one end of a paint stir stick.

Remove the lint trap and clean out the area with the rag-covered stick. To help the lint stick to the rag, dampen it with water first

Annual Cleaning list: What chores should be done annually?

1. Vacuum out your fireplace

Vacuum the ashes around the fireplace where reachable, then use damp paper towels to wipe away the rest.

While you can vacuum out the firebox and clean the surrounding areas, the chimney needs to be cleaned annually by a professionals.

2. Declutter and Clean your garage and basement

It is good to declutter garage and basement ones a year to see what you have got and to get rid of items you don’t use anymore.

After decluttering and tiding, remove cobwebs and dust or clean walls and ceilings.

3. Do Carpet Deep clean

Deep cleaning your carpets and rugs will preserve their condition by removing fine debris and larger dirt particles, and will keep them hygienic, looking like new and smelling fresh.

Deep Carpet cleaning is a great way to preserve your carpets for a long time, to prevent them from having to be replaced so soon.

 4. Empty your gutters

If your gutters are clogged with leaves, they won’t be able to drain off the water as they’re designed to do.

To prevent that, empty your gutters every year.

5. Furniture steam clean

Steam cleaning not only removes embedded stains, grease, and dirt, it also, removes allergens, and kills bacteria, mold, dust mites, bedbugs, and most pathogens.

6.Wipe Outdoor Furniture

Make your outdoor area a place of joy, wipe all furniture and have a cup of tea of coffee in the morning, sitting on nice clean furniture.

It will make your day 🙂

7. Take care of your matrasses

Mattresses have improved dramatically through the years, but they still need a bit of attention and care.

At least once a year, give your mattress a thorough cleaning and repositioning.

8. Clean wardrobes, closets, cabinets, cupboards inside and out

At least ones a year, take everything you have out and clean all wardrobes, shelfs and cabinets inside and out. Also, get rid of clutter and things that you don’t use anymore.

9. Declutter Documents and Files

If your documents and paper work are in order, you will never have any issues with finding some particular doc you need immediately.

Also, it is unlikely that you will have forgotten fine or fee outdated payment.

10. Exterior house wash

Annual exterior house wash will prevent the growth of mould and preserve the life of your paintwork.

11.  Wash pillows and duvets

A duvet that hasn’t been washed for a year is likely to contain more than 20,000 dust mites

Bacteria and bodily fluids build up in duvets over a short period of time, with duvet covers and pajamas merely acting as a “first line of defense” against a tidal wave of sweat and muck.

The best solution is to wash duvets ones per 6 months or at least ones a year.

12. Wash toys

Hard plastic and silicone toys are very easy to clean . Just simply use soap and hot water.

Many people clean soft toys by placing these toys in the washer and dryer.

But without proper care, over time some stuffed animals and baby dolls will get ruined with repeated washings.

To help the toy survive machine-washing, place it in a pillowcase before laundering.


The cleaning checklists above will definitely give you a great and quick results and your goal of healthy home and family will be successfully achieved with minimum time spent, maximum results gained!

It might be hard for the first week, but ones you set it as a daily routine, it will become normal for you.

The results are so impressive that you will be able come back to your old cleaning routine where you spend roughly half of weekend cleaning and cleaning and it seams like the tasks are never end.

If you need a professional help with cleaning or a professional advice from experiences team, Call (09) 909 6560 to talk to us or send an email with an enquiry or any question you might have :

Please Remember: Healthy Home = Healthy Mind






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