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Travel Tips from ‘While you are Away’

By September 6, 2016October 4th, 2016No Comments

Our Six Top Travel Tips


PASSPORT Find your passport and make sure it is up to date and it has at least six months until it expires.  This is compulsory in some countries

TRAVEL DOCUMENTS Check you have the essential travel documents, plan this in advance, as some countries require a visa to enter.  Make sure you take a copy of your passport, and credit card in case both these items get lost or stolen 

TRAVEL INSURANCE Check that you have travel insurance, some credit cards give you free travel insurance, but make sure you know exactly what this covers

HEALTH CARE Check with your doctor if you require any vaccinations for the countries you are visiting and are up to date with your regular vaccinations

PLUG ADAPTORS Make sure you bring the right charger/plug adaptor with you, as often other countries have different plugs and voltage

CARRY ON CLOTHES It's always a good idea to have a spare set of clothes in your carry on bag in case your luggage gets stolen, or the country you arrive in has a late check in, this way you can freshen up when you arrive 

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